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3 Games I Wish/Dread To Get a Movie Treatment

I only say dread, cause, as history has shown us, it’s damn near impossible to properly adapt a video game to the big screen, despite having all the right elements for an awesome movie. But all the same, I’d still like to see someone take on some of my personal favorite games so I can properly rip them apart, MST3K style.

Half Life
I feel as long as they get a decent actor with the looks and acting ability (yes, the two can exist in one person) then I think this would make a perfect summer action film. It even has the potential to be a series if someone takes the time to tell the story and not rely completely on fight scenes and giving Gordon perfect vision. I won’t risk trying to imagine my perfect cast, though I will veto whoever the current “hot girl” young actress is popular at the moment to play Alyx Vance.

Professor Layton
I like mysteries, puzzles, and the British. So I say, let’s hand this one over to the BBC and let them have their way with it. Even if it were to get a made for TV movie treatment, it’ll probably stay true to the tone and fun of the game, which is all I ever ask out of my movies. And while it could be too closely similar to recent Sherlock Holmes adaptations, the right actor, plot and setting could give this its own identity.

It’ll never happen and though it crushes my soul, I know it won’t be done properly. As much as I’d like to see a bow and arrow wielding half-elf leading hero, I’d rather it stay in my head on the off chance that some over pumped action star without the ability to pull off anything but his shirt tainting my perfect video game man. But if it were to happen, let’s give it to those fancy Weta guys to make it look good and keep Orlando Bloom far away from the casting table.


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