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3 fun Minnie Mouse birthday party games for kids

Minnie Mouse provides an adorable theme for kids birthday parties
Minnie Mouse provides an adorable theme for kids birthday parties
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Minnie Mouse is a very popular theme for birthday parties. There are tons of cute decorations and craft ideas available, but you’ll also need some fun Minnie Mouse party games and activities to keep the kids entertained.

Kids love games that contain a lot of action and silliness as well as anything that results in them getting a treat. The following games should meet with their approval and they are fairly easy to prepare, so both parents and kids end up happy.

Polka Dot Dash

For this game, you’ll need black poster board (or white poster board that you’ve colored black), white poster board, white dot stickers and a printed picture of Minnie Mouse for each party guest.

You’re going to cut out a large pile of black circles, at least 2 inches in diameter. Make sure you have more black circles than party guests. On just a few of the black circles, you’re going to glue a white poster board circle on one side only. On the Minnie Mouse printouts, use a pencil to color the white dots on her dress gray.

Next, place all of the circles white side down in the center of the room. Give each child their print out of Minnie Mouse, making sure their name is on the paper. When you say, “Oh Toodles!” one group of guests will race out to the pile of black dots and pick one up. When you say the phrase again, the next group of girls will race out. When everyone has a dot, have them flip it over and see if anyone picked up a dot that is white on the opposite side. If so, that girl receives a white dot sticker to place on one of the grayed out areas of her Minnie Mouse’s dress.

Mix up the dots and repeat the process until someone has decorated Minnie’s dress the way it’s supposed to be–with all white dots. (To make the game shorter, you may want to only gray out a few of Minnie’s dress dots on each printout.)

Walk of Love

For this game, you’ll need to provide each guest with a small card, which you can simply cut from poster board. On each card, attach a sticker or cut-out of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Around each sticker, draw four red dots.

Next, create a “cake walk”, or circle on the floor made up of individual pictures of Minnie Mouse. Within the circle, also place two pictures of Mickey Mouse. There should be enough pictures that each party guest has a picture to stand next to at the start of the game.

When everyone has been given a card and has chosen a place to stand, start up your favorite Disney music. When the music stops, every party guest must be standing next to a picture and only one guest may be next to each picture. Whomever lands on Mickey when the music stops receives a heart shaped sticker. That child will place the heart sticker on one of the red dots you’ve drawn on their card. The game begins again and again until someone has collected all four hearts on their game card.

Minnie Mouse Munchies

The object of this game is to build Minnie Mouse–out of munchies! To prepare for this game, you’ll need to purchase chocolate Oreo cookies in both the regular and mini sizes, pink mini marshmallows (or mini marshmallows dipped in food coloring), white chocolate chips (or Sno-Caps candy) and red string-style licorice. Everything will be used as-is except the licorice, which you’ll want to pull apart, cut, and twist into tiny bows.

Minnie’s dress will be designed from the mini marshmallows. To make it easier for children to build, you might want to create a small template card that shows the shape of the dress. To make a dress shape, draw five circles (no bigger than the size of a mini marshmallow) in a straight line. Right under that line, draw five more circles. On the third line, draw only three circles. The fourth line will have four circles. The remaining lines will have five circles, going down the page until you have a nice skirt shape.

You’ll also need some “directions” cards. Simply cut several poster board squares. On each one, paste a picture of Minnie’s head, her bow, her dress, or a few white dots. Place all your directions cards into a bag or bucket that the children can’t see through.

To begin, give each child a napkin or paper plate to build on. Then, go around the room and have each child pull out a directions card. Whatever piece they choose, give them the corresponding snack item. For Minnie Mouse’s head, give the larger Oreo to begin–or the mini Oreos if that child has already collected the large Oreo. For the bow, give one of your licorice bows. For the dress, give two or three colored mini marshmallows. For the white dots, give the white chocolate chips or Sno-Caps (each child must collect five).

Children will continue to place their snack items on their napkin or paper plate (with the dress template lying on top) until they’ve completed Minnie Mouse’s shape. The first person to design Minnie wins the game, but then everyone can collect the remaining snack items and finish their Minnie Mouse munchies design. Of course, when everyone is finished, the kids can munch away!

Kids of all ages are sure to enjoy these adorable Minnie Mouse birthday party games. For more great party ideas, be sure to subscribe to the St. Louis Special Occasions Examiner!

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