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3 Free ways to spend your summer vacation

One of North Georgia's many scenic wonders.  Breathtaking views are free for the taking for any vacationer.
One of North Georgia's many scenic wonders. Breathtaking views are free for the taking for any vacationer.
Jsfouche/Wikimedia Commons

Free summer vacation time spent with loved ones will fit any household budget. If you are planning a staycation then consider these three awesome outdoor no cost activities for your next holiday.


Enjoy the scenic beauty and incredible wilderness of the North Georgia Mountains by experiencing it firsthand. If you have vacation time and no money, here is one of the best free ways to spend your time.

Most campgrounds charge a fee for camping during the summer, but have no fear; you can camp for free in National Parks. Primitive or dispersed camping offers some of Mother Nature’s finest wilderness areas. Most of these areas are free but some do charge a nominal fee.

If you want to get away from it all and enjoy some of the most incredible views in the Southeast try spending your summer vacation at one of Georgia’s many primitive camping areas.

Primitive or dispersed camping does require that you bring all you will need to enjoy your stay. This includes plenty of ice in your cooler, all food and cooking items, and a portable toilet. Many primitive camping areas do offer public vaulted toilets.

River Tubing

Vacationing during the summer months usually means a swim in the water is a must to stay cool during the hot hours of the day. Another great free way to spend your vacation is to spend it on the river either tubing or just swimming. Of course if you plan to go the no cost route then you will need to plan for a drop off ride to launch your tube.

River tubing in the North Georgia Mountains is more than just an outdoor summer vacation activity. Some of the most amazing national forests are located in the North Georgia Mountains. For an unforgettable summer vacation that will offer you free access to unparalleled scenic views, visit one of the USDA Forest Service’s webpage here.


Hiking is a free activity to be enjoyed anytime but especially while visiting one of Georgia’s incredible natural forests. Living a frugal lifestyle should not include eliminating the scenic wonders that surround you.

As one of the top three ways to spend your free summer vacation, hiking is by far the easiest and the most affordable. If you are unable to spend the money on gas to drive through the scenic mountains, many areas have hiking trails right in your own neighborhood.

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