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Jared Leto's Character Rayon from Dallas Buyers Club Inspires 3 Fashion Tips

Amazing style from Rayon read about the fashion tips she offered from the movie Dallas Buyers Clubs
Amazing style from Rayon read about the fashion tips she offered from the movie Dallas Buyers Clubs
Getty Images, Dallas Buyers Club, Jared Leto

Jared Leto, an artist. I believe that is the appropriate title for Mr. Leto who is a creative head for many, many mediums that span from being the innovator, front-man for the band Thirty Seconds to Mars, a transitional actor of which many are familiar with - Fight Club, Panic Room, Requiem for a Dream and most recently Dallas Buyers Club. And, then, there is the quirky-side of Leto, drawing Creeps and directing music videos under the alter-ego Bart Cubbins. Yes, artist is the appropriate title.

However, I am not writing this article to praise Leto for being a creative genius/mad insomniac (of which I assume for him to be in order to accomplish what he does in a day) - I am a fashion writer after all. So, coming back to Dallas Buyers Club a film I watched recently and the first film that Jared has acted in, in almost five years - after, watching DBC I have come to two conclusions 1) Jared Leto is a very good looking man. Yes, google search Jared Leto. There are very, very few who will disagree with me. The man has sparkling blue eyes and the most beautiful ombre hair. If I every meet the man, the first question I would ask him: Is that a natural curl? ... and 2) Jared Leto is a very good looking woman. Yes, Jared Leto can have his cake and eat it too...? Is that the appropriate analogy here? Well, it works. Rayon, the transgender woman Leto plays (phenomenally by the way - I expect him to nab the Golden Globe this Sunday) can work it. I mean, the girl be looking good.

I have learned some great tips from Rayon that I believe will transcend 2014. So, thank you Jared Leto for playing such a beautiful woman (even though I slightly hate you) and thank you Rayon for giving the three best tips for starting off 2014.

#3 If you have paler skin - pink and blue tones, a rosy pink sheer tight will do wonders for your gams! Even better if you can find the ones with a sheer sparkle. For the work place they are way better than grandma taupe (In fact, if you have taupe, and you are under the age of 50 please throw them out... RIGHT NOW). And, they will add a nice mix in the rotation with black.

During winter, like Chicago is currently in (ugh...) and you want to wear a shorter dress or a skirt, you will need something keeping those legs warm! Go pink, go Rayon. Remember the tight must be sheer or ornate for the work place. If not you might be too poppin'. You can go more opaque on the weekends or a night out with friends.

#2 A bold, bright and matte lip in hot pink! Red has been the queen of lip color for work, for drinks or even going to a party. Let's face it not everyone can pull-off red lips, and it's boring. If you have blue eyes or green hot pink lips in contrast will make them sparkle! Hot pink is fun, a bit more flirty and youthy. If you are paler like Rayon it will make more of a pop with your complexion than with tawny and amber skin tones, however, hot pink is way more forgiving (unlike red) and can work. Just take a look at Rayon in my photo gallery above.

Just don't over accessorize the outfit or colorize. Let your lips be the statement. For a more regal look at the office go into the darker, cooler region of pinks like Girl About Town by Mac. For some lip smacking fun with your boyfriend try Saint Germain by Mac, it's a softer petal pink with a punch. And, for a high-heel wearing, cocktail sippin' (let's face it slingin') night, try one of my three personal favorites: All Fired Up, Candy Yum-Yum or Flat Out Fabulous by Mac.

#1 A great smile goes a long way. I know this is not necessarily a fashion-tip and it is on the overly sweet, gag me with a spoon side... But, if you have confidence and you feel good, I mean damn good about yourself - It glitters. So much more than a new haircut or a fantastic lip-kissing color. Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club felt she looked amazing in her outfits - and the moments when she did smile, it really showed. If you can't smile darlings, take a page from Rayon and grab a fabulous pair of sunglasses. They will work in the mean time.

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