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3 Fantastic Themes Suggested by An Interior Designer for A Bohemian Living Room!

For the people who might not be aware, the basics of any Bohemian design are created by including colorful mixes of ornaments and antiques. If you hire a professional interior designer, she will suggest great themes to give a boho look to your living room. So what are the themes suggested by these professionals? Let's have a look.

Shaded wall theme
When it comes to getting this unconventional theme, the designers suggest saturated and intense shades for the walls of the living room. Plus one can also add traditional rugs, old and tattered armchairs as well as historic oil paintings to give it a perfect look. Try putting a French Roboco armchair to give a great appeal to your living room.

Contrasting Color Theme
Bohemian design can also have a touch of contrast colors which makes your living room look glamorous. One can have a lot of fun and partying in the living room when the sofas and the chairs are designed out of contrasting colors and complementing patterns. If you want to give a chic look to your room, ask your interior design specialist to suggest you with some creative ideas.

Traveler's Paradise Theme
The traditional boho people were known as wanderers and they made houses out of whatever they carried and collected from different parts of world while traveling. You can order for beautifully embroidered silk and wool suzanis as well as French-themed mirrors. Ask the designing specialist where and how to install them so that it gives a traveler's theme to your room.

With the above mentioned themes and more, you can never fall short of themes when it comes to inculcating the Bohemian style in your house. Strike a deal with the best designer in Buffalo Grove and make sure that it happens in the right way.

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