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3 Family Vacations For Under $500

Indiana Vacations
Indiana Vacations

Spring break is just around the corner and you are starting to think about where to go and what to do for this occasion.  The problem is you are on a tight budget this year.  No problem, we are here to bring you 3 great vacations for less than $500.  These might not be as exciting as a week's all inclusive trip to Disney, but they will help cure the cabin fever you've been experiencing since late January.  

1.  Brown County - Visit Brown County just south of Indianapolis.  Here you can relax amid the peaceful beauty of Brown County's panoramic, mountain-like vista. Enjoy the rich culture of Nashville's artist colony, shops and shows which are just 20 minutes away from most cabin areas.  If you like action, try out a few different hiking trails around this gorgeous terrain.  

2.  Turkey Run - Turkey Run has exactly what you are looking for and is just a short drive south-west of Indianapolis.  Deep canyons nestled in the shadows of sandstone cliffs and peaceful groves are some of the most ruggedly beautiful hiking trails in the state.  You can find cute cabins and cottages for just $100 a night that are sure to make your family smile.

3. Indiana Dunes - Located on Michigan Lake's south shore, Indiana Dunes State Park consists of 2,182 acres of primitive, beautiful, historical, and amazingly unique Hoosier landscape.  If you are looking for more of an outdoor adventure, the state parks located in Indiana Dunes are some of the nicest parks in this region.  If a bed and breakfast are more your style, check out the many options by clicking on the link above. 

For a 3-4 day getaway, these locations provide the perfect place for you to take your spouse and/or family.  Most of the cabins run for around $100 a night.  You can also find free entertainment in most of these areas.  So, with the cost of food, housing and gas, you can have a fun vacation for less than $500!  Looking for other fun things to do on your vacation? Click here.