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3 experts weigh in on crowd sourced marketing tactics

Crowd Sourcing
Crowd Sourcing

Much has been said about using the cloud to host many of your critical business applications. Services such as Mozy, Google Drive, and Amazon S3 are making it easier, faster and cheaper to deploy complex business operations and technology today.

However, you’re a marketer or business owner and want to deploy a marketing campaign quickly, easily, and inexpensively with at least a somewhat reliable outcome. Is it possible to use the crowd as easily, inexpensively and efficiently as the cloud for deploying marketing campaigns and tactics?

The answer, according to a few different experts, is YES!

“Our crowdsourced talent provides our clients far superior work and more productive communication due to their ability to focus solely on what they're good at. Often times in an agency, a project manager will have a couple things they are really strong at and a bunch of things they know just enough about to keep a project going,” comments Camile Moyes, co-founder and COO of crowd sourced CMO service

Mrs. Moyes, who has a background in crowd sourcing donations for large charities, started with her partner Matt Frisbie just this month. However, they have both spent the past 3 years jumping from developers to designers to programmers to content writers and back to the designers and then to facility caterers and finally trying to relay all their questions and needs to their clients in a flurry of emails.

Moving to the crowdsourced model has improved their process and workflow-ability. Now, instead of having to speak all the "right languages" they can spend their time focusing on results of the efforts of their crowd team and staying ahead of their clients' needs.

Johnathan Dane, COO of PPC Management firm Disruptive Advertising explains how they use Mechanical Turk (an service) for crowd testing PPC ad copy. “We can get a 95% confidence rate of which ad will perform better without actually spending money for clicks. This is especially useful for expensive industries prior to making the ad go live on Google.”

Besides getting data feedback, you can also get first impressions feedback on what they (the Mechanical Turks) like about one ad vs. the other, and they'll actually tell you that your headline in ad #1 was crap, or not.

Additionally, those looking to get content distributed in 3rd party sites also benefit from crowdsourcing. Most brands still rely upon direct outreach to publishers to get their content placed. However this is extremely inefficient.

Dan Ripoll, CEO of content marketing platform ContentBLVD explains, “Publishers are inundated with requests to publish branded content and are usually slow to respond if they do at all. A better approach is to use a marketplace like the one we've built at Content Blvd to submit content and sit back and choose from a list of publishers who've expressed an interest in publishing it.”

Clearly there are a wide range of companies using the crowd in many different ways. What will you use the crowd for?

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