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3 Exercises You Must Do For Maximum Size,Strength, And Mass - For Men and Women

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When it comes to size, strength, and mass, no other 3 workouts are more effective than the Bench Press, Deadlift and the Squat. Now if you've been in the gym for a while, you probably have heard someone talk about, or even ask you how much you can put up on either 3 of these exercises.

These 3 exercises use the maximum amount of muscles and cause the central nervous system to go into hyper drive. The reason being is that they trigger the highest amount of anabolic hormones within your body eventually leading to greater overall gains. No other 3 exercises can provide the amount of stimulus that these 3 exercises provide plain and simple. If you’re neglecting these and you want muscles to grow, you may want to think about adding these 3 into your routine.


The squat has been deemed as one of the most difficult and growth sprouting lifts that there are. There’s a certain degree of difficulty when doing this lift and it can mess you up bad if you don’t know what you’re doing. The reason why it’s so good for you is because it uses both muscles in the front in back to assist the lift. In turn this helps you to grow because you’re putting large amounts of stress on those areas causing the adaptation response mechanism, in other words making your body GROW!

The body responds by producing testosterone, growth hormone, cortisol, and other kick butt hormones you need to grow big and large! Remember this is a KEY exercise for overall size even for those of you looking to get bigger biceps, stop neglecting the squat and get it in!

Simple squat routine 2-3 warm up sets, preferably with no weight or very little weight, you want to be lose and ready to go. Perform 3-5 sets of 5 repetitions at 40% of your 1RM. Rest for 2 minutes between working sets. Now if you’re brand new, just do a little bit and get someone who knows what they’re doing in order to find out what a good weight is for you.

The Bench Press

The ultimate compound exercise that just about everyone, even those people that pretend they lift know about. Everyone knows about the bench press over any other exercise. The bench press is a hard exercise and you should have a spotter with you, but compared to the dead lift it’s a cake walk.

The bench when done right can help you sculpt your body like a statue of a Greek god. But you have to be careful and mindful of safety so you don’t end up getting hurt. Once again this exercise can help your body to release large amounts of testosterone and other growth hormones

Simple bench press for beginners

Warm up with the bar or very easy weight Perform 3-5 sets at 5 reps per set and take 1-2 min max as your break If you’re not so new to bench press perform at least 70% of your max with assistance. You can utilize a drop set on your last set if you want, or else you can go easier and go to failure.


It has been deemed too dangerous for some gyms, so they simple outlawed it or don’t have the necessary equipment in order to do it effectively. Now days any places that consider themselves a fitness center won’t have the necessary tools in order to do this exercise correctly.

The deadlift is pretty much what it means, lifting dead weight off the ground, so you can’t cheat this lift at all in any way shape or form. You either lift it or you don’t, and if you try to cheat you might as well get ready to be hurt, because that’s all that you’re going to do. The deadlift is the second most powerful lift out of the big 3 and actually is number 2 out of any exercise for size and strength. Before tackling this exercise be sure to get a spotter or someone who knows what they’re doing, or else you could end up in a whole mess of problems.

Warm up with the bar or very easy weight Perform 3-5 sets at 5 reps per set and take 1-2 min max as your break If you’re not so new to bench press perform at least 70% of your max with assistance. You can utilize a drop set on your last set if you want, or else you can go easier and go to failure. If you’re not new to lifting but still haven’t done much with these 3 get with someone who knows what they’re doing, I can’t stress the importance of this enough. Also if you do have someone to spot you don’t go any lower than 70 percent of your one rep max.

You want to build size and strength, then you need to use your own size and strength in order to make those gains. Remember to have patience and if you feel ANY pain what so ever, stop lifting immediately and tend to the pain, you're better off being cautions than being sorry in the end.

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