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3 easy ways to make your tea taste better!

If you are left unsatisfied at the end of your cup of tea then there needs to be something done, and right away. Enjoying tea is one of the best things in my everyday life and it should be in yours as well. If you don't like your tea here are 3 easy ways to make each cup a better experience.

1. Start with clean water.

Although this might seem like common sense there are steps you can take to get better water. I enjoy using a water pitcher that uses a carbon filter to get rid of the chemical/metal tastes I sometimes get from tap water. This really allows the taste of the tea to come through, as there are not other tastes competing from the water.

2. Clean out your tea tools!

This might seem like common sense as well, but every time you use your kettle/strainer/teapot/ anything you make with tea there is some grunge that can build up. I like to really give my tea brewing and handling equipment a good clean every week and it ensures no lingering tastes that can taint my next cup of tea.

3. Try a new type of tea.

This might be a bit of a stretch as it is not a way to make your tried and tested blend of tea taste better, but when I am finding my tea is not tasting as good I realize that it is actually that I am getting bored of it. That is why I love to have a huge pantry of teas to go through. The same routine might be fine for some people, but I really like to switch up my brews so I never get tired of the teas I have.

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