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3 easy steps to start creating content for your small business

You've spent valuable time and energy investing in your small business. Blood, sweat and tears went into getting your business off the ground, but something’s missing. You have all your legal standings in order with the local state and government regulations, your small business offers a product and/or service needed in your community and you've gone out of your way to increase brand awareness. So what’s missing?


Here are three easy steps to start writing for your small business.

1. Establish Your Voice
Your business is your business, so make sure it stands out in the crowd. You can do this by establishing a voice for your small business. Adopt a style of writing that reflects the personality of your company. Breathe life into your company so your small business is not just some stagnant entity with an impressive letterhead.

A simple way to determine if your small business has an established voice is to ask a friend to read your content. Does the writing come across as monotone? Is the material boring to read? Does it feel like a textbook-type of reading? If so, use this as a great starting point to insert personality into your small business.

2. Reel Them In
Along with establishing a voice for your small business, make sure the content you create draws people in. An easy way to reel your audience in is to listen to what they want. Give your audience discounts, deals, packages and exclusive offers.

Your audience doesn't have time to read boring material. All it takes is several seconds before someone decides to move on to another website. No one wants to come across a business online only to be bored to tears by the content. So make sure that what you’re writing is something your audience wants to hear.

3. Keep Them Coming Back
Now that your customers and prospects know where to find offers and compelling content, keep them coming back for more. Don’t become a one-hit-wonder with your writing, instead, produce consistent content that will leave your audience wanting more.
Don’t be afraid to recycle content either. A good blog post can always be re-purposed and an article can always be updated with new information. Get creative!

Regardless of whether your small business provides a product or service, it needs to offer content for your audience to absorb, to learn and to share. So get your creative gears turning and starting writing for your small business.

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