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3 easy steps to help you eat less

3 tips to help control the amount you eat
3 tips to help control the amount you eat
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One thing that most of the diets that are making the rounds will agree on is, in order to lose weight you need to take in fewer calories than you burn. While this sounds fairly simple, anyone that has dwelt too much on calorie counting can tell you how difficult that can be.

The best advice is to make smart food choices, and to eat less. Smarter food choice typically consist of foods that deliver more nutrients per calorie, as opposed to processed foods or high sugar foods that are high in calories, but lower in nutrient density. However, even with smarter food choices it is very important that you control your amounts. Consistent overeating will still result in weight gain.

Here are three tips you can use to help you reduce the amount you eat, and have a better chance of controlling your weight.

1. Eat Slowly

Too many people rush through their meal. This is especially true when you're not eating at the table. Meals eaten on the go, or eaten while sitting in front of the television are often eaten way to quickly. This leads to overeating.

There is a mechanism in your body that sends a signal to the brain when you have eaten enough. It's part of the bodies design to prevent you from eating too much. When you eat too quickly you will have already eaten too much by the time your brain receives the stop signal. when this happens repeatedly over time your brain starts to completely ignore the stop signal.

When you slow down, chew your food more completely, and take more time between mouthfuls of food you give your body a chance to properly process the information the way it's supposed to. Your brain receives the signal to stop eating at the right time, and you have a chance to avoid over eating.

2. Drink Water

One bad habit that many people have fallen into is the habit of eating until they are full. Depending on the type of foods you are eating, this typically means taking in more calories than you should. People on a western diet typically eat more high-fat, high-sugar foods. These foods are lower in nutrients, and very high in calories. When you fill up on these foods on a regular basis it makes weight control very difficult.

One habit that will reduce the amount you eat is to make sure you drink a large glass of water with your meal.

Your stomach is only so big, and when part of the space is taken up with water it reduces that amount of room that is available for food. The result is that you will feel full without stuffing your stomach with calories.

This only works if you drink a zero-calorie beverage. Sugary soft drinks are so calorie dense that you will still over consume calories.

3. Use A Smaller Plate

One thing food service professionals have noticed over the years is that peoples perception of portion size is affected by the size of the plate the food is served on. Restaurants have learned that when you serve a portion on a large plate, the customer is not as satisfied with the amount of food. The same portion size served on a smaller plate will receive better reviews in terms of the size of the portion.

This same trend translates to the size of plate you use for your daily meals. When you use a large dinner plate you will have a tendency to serve yourself larger portions. If, however, you use a smaller plate, a smaller portion size will fill the plate.

When your eyes see the portion size as being larger, your brain is not a likely to continue to crave more food. The smaller plate tricks your eyes into seeing a larger portion, and your brain will believe your eyes.

These three simple tips can help you to eat less, and to better control your calorie intake. that in turn will lead to a more healthy weight.

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