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3 Dollar Product Saves Hundreds

Faucet aerator
Faucet aerator
Home Depot

Twisting a watersense labeled aerator onto your faucet will save you hundreds of gallons of water per year. It also reduces the amount of energy that your hot water heater uses. Over it's lifecycle, a faucet aerator saves thousands of gallons of water and hundreds of dollars on water heating expenses.

You can purchase aerators at any home improvement center, hardware, and most department stores. The aerator shown in the photo above is available at Home Depot for only $2.99. Installation is simple, it quickly twists into the end of your faucet. You should install aerators on all your faucets throughout your home.

When shopping for aerators, always look for the "WaterSense" label. WaterSense is an Environmental Protection Agency program that promotes water conservation and improves water product efficiency. Compare the GPM rating when choosing your model. A 2.2 GPM model uses 2.2 gallons of water per minute compared to a 1.5 GPM model which uses only 1.5 gallons of water per minute.

Saving water not only reduces your water and water heating bills, it also helps to reduce the demand for water. Over 30 states are currently experiencing drought conditions with many areas enforcing water restrictions.

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