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3-D tattoos are latest craze: 20 bizarre, weird and unique 3-D tattoos of today

3-D tattoos look like they are jumping off your skin once they’ve been inked using this 3-D eye-tricking technique. One of the 3-D tattoos shown on a leg, actually looks like it was chiseled out of wood or ivory, suggests Today on Feb. 24. These are some of the latest requests in tattoos today, 3-D.

This 3-D tattoo is disturbing! 3-D tattoos from around the world are eye-fooling, with some looking so real.
3-D tattoos from around the world are a bit bizarre!

You have to take a close look at the leg tattoo because you cannot believe this is done on a human leg, it has so much depth to it. It is trickery of the eye that is used for these 3-D tattoos, like a butterfly that looks like its wings are in the middle of a flutter.

These tattoos are starting to trend and while you might not know anyone who sports a 3-D tattoo yet, you will. The artwork that goes into these creations is like something you'd expect to see in a museum.

Some of these tattoos have gone beyond bizarre, especially the woman who has the double eyes tattooed on her face. The man sporting the tattoo with the big blue coat buttons is also something that is a bit strange to see.

The 3-D tattoos add illusions that the eye picks up on as having three dimensions, making the tattoos almost life-like. While the detailed work in these tattoos are like none seen before, some of these are just plain scary looking. Hopefully these folks will agree with their decisions in a few years from now. The woman who had her eyes tattooed just below her real eyes is bound to scare small children and maybe even adults!

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