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3-D ring printing revolutionizes online diamond shopping for wedding season

June is wedding season, are you ready to shop for intimate diamond jewelry but dreading the costly brick and mortar mark-up and in-store outing with pushy sales staff? Such, great consumer insight right! Why not browse and actually try on jewelry from the comfort of your own home? Things are about to get up close and personal with’s groundbreaking new 3D-print shopping experience. Okay, I am not the biggest fan of diamonds. Nevertheless, anybody that truly knows me; knows that I love innovation so, this seems like a pretty great innovative technology I am about to introduce to you guys.

BELIEVES IF YOU LIKE IT, YOU CAN PUT A RING ON IT IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME, a leader in online custom diamond rings, just launched their new 3D printing solution that allows you to print your selection of engagement rings and actually try on different carat sizes and shapes, without ever having to leave your living space! They are the first jewelry company to offer this service! How it works—Brilliance will send you a 3D file to print at home. If you don’t have a 3D printer, they’ll send the already printed jewelry right to your door. It couldn’t be easier or more convenient! Brilliance forever altered the way you shop for jewelry and you'll never want or have to go back to the old fashioned way again!

You will save yourself time, money, and unneeded stress! "As an e-commerce site, we are always looking for ways to replicate the in-store shopping experience - often customers need to physically see something before they want it," says Shai Barel, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Brilliance. "As an online jewelry retailer specializing in engagement rings, this poses a particular dilemma with such a specific, emotional and expensive purchase...The key here is to let them SEE the difference in shape, size or carat instead of buying it online only to return it a few days later. Ultimately, we will have our inventory available for printing." Barel says.'s 3D print service is perfect for those who are unsure about their ring size or are having trouble picturing a particular diamond shape or size. The process is so simple! Simply go to Brilliance's website and first select your ring size for the 3D print model. If you do not know your ring size and want to confirm it before you buy, you can print a few 3D rings in different sizes. Then select different shapes of the diamond to see how a ring will look when you wear it. If you are unsure what the different shapes will look like on your finger, simply try on a 3D printed version of any of the below 10 shapes you are considering in a standard 1 carat size.

Finally, you can compare the different diamond carat sizes! Try on 3D printed rings with different carat weights so that you can see the actual size difference between the different weights. You can select from a range of sizes from 1/2 carat to 2 carats, in all 10 shapes!

Currently, Brilliance offers this service free of charge to anyone who is interested. "This will truly revolutionize the online buying industry and we are excited to be at the forefront of such a venture." Barel says.

Be prepared to be amazed! visit to view their extensive and impressive diamond collection. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter,

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