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3 creative ways to handle a 404 error uses an error message familiar to all of us in a fun, new way uses an error message familiar to all of us in a fun, new way
If you have a website, chances are some visitors will encounter a 404 error at some point. A 404 error is what shows up when a page can't be found, either due to network problems, bad links, typos or some other problem.
How you present this error can say a lot about your brand and your marketing efforts.
Most businesses use a standard (i.e. boring) message stating the error. Very few even change the generic wording of the page to reflect their business name, add a tagline, or otherwise brand themselves.
Here are a few samples of creative 404 error pages that would make any brand proud. Use them to get inspired and rethink how your business approaches this common problem. Can you improve your 404 page to better represent your brand?

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