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3 confess to killing teen: Suspects in murder confess to horrific crime

In Israel, three Israeli Jews have now spoken to authorities to confess to killing a teen they kidnapped off a Jerusalem street earlier this month. Two of three individuals held for this crime are minors. The third suspect is a 30-year-old man. Authorities have not revealed the identities of the three suspects due to the unrest this killing has caused in the area. RT reported on their confession and the latest on the killing on July 14.

Tensions rise in Israel following the murder of a teen.
Photo by Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images

Mohammed Abu Khdeir is the identity of the teen killed in this vicious crime. The three suspects revealed to authorities that they killed the teenager in revenge for the killing of three Jewish youths last month. The three thoroughly planned their attack before setting out to kidnap the teenager. The three suspects burned the teen alive. The suspects had attempted to kidnap two others before they kidnapped Abu Khdeir. Before the kidnapping, the suspects had purchased gasoline and other supplies needed to commit their crime. Authorities found the teen's cell phone in the home of one of the suspects.

A gag order put in place prevented the release of details about this crime, but that gag order has partially been lifted. The gag order against the release of the suspect's identity is all that remains in place at this time. An investigator shared the following details about the crime in a statement, according to Haaretz:

"On July 2, 2014, the three suspects decided together to kidnap and murder an Arab. They searched for a victim in several Arab neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, finally arriving in Shoafat. When they saw that the teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir was alone, they seized him, forced him into their car, beat and stunned him and took him to the Jerusalem Forest. There they threw him out of the car, poured gasoline on him, set him on fire and fled."

The three suspects also reenacted the crime for investigators. Security camera footage of the kidnapping also exists, and this footage helped police identify the suspects. Footage showed the car used by the suspects, but authorities needed to spend three days searching for the car. The footage did not show the car's license plate. Police originally arrested six suspects in connection with the teen's murder, but three were released last week. They only knew of the murder after the fact. They did not participate in the crime.

Authorities plan to charge the three suspects with "murder, kidnapping with intent to commit murder, arson and attempted arson attributable to racist-nationalist motives." The three might use temporary insanity as a defense for their crime. The man in this case tried to kill his own daughter just weeks before the kidnapping and murder of this teen earlier this month. All three suspects underwent psychological testing after their arrest, but authorities revealed it was not to find out their fitness to stand trial for the murder of Abu Khdier. Authorities tested the three individuals to find out how to treat them in jail.

Since the teen's murder, chaos has taken over the Gaza strip has violence between Israel and Hamas has erupted. The unrest in the area is likely to continue in the days ahead.

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