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3 Boulder Businesses Using Unique Marketing Methods Successfully

Businesses should always be looking for new ways to market themselves to local markets. However, the ever present catch 22 is whether or not a business should take money from marketing methods they know are affording them a strong ROI for more experimental, much riskier methods. This article will highlight several Boulder-based businesses who are doing things a bit differently and are reaping the rewards.

Go Direct

Direct mail, if done right, is an item that is always seen on some level, even if it is not used. The key to a successful campaign with direct mail is making an offer that stands out in today's market and printing your mail on a quality, glossy post card. Do not purchase coupons in pamphlets as these are thrown away, or if not, your coupon will be lost in the noise. Keep it simple. Print Experts is a provider of direct mail in Boulder and can easily print your business a great looking mailer. They have various sizes, UV coating, great inks, including environmentally friendly options as well. Additionally, they are able to print other necessary products for your business as well.

Go Social

If your business is B2C then being active on social media is absolutely essential, especially if you want to attract loyal millenial customers. One very important piece of a successful social media campaign is knowing what social media websites are going to be the best for hanging out with your customers. Further, knowing when to post and what type of content to post will make a massive difference as well. Watson + Nowlin is a social media marketing company in Boulder, Colorado that can instantly apply best practices to your social media campaigns instead of the common issue of business owners receiving lackluster results due to lack of time or commitment.

Go Blog

Blogging is an important piece of internet marketing in 2014 if you employ content marketing best practices. Best Boulder Roofers, a Boulder roofing contractor, blogs based upon their most frequently asked questions. For example, they created a blog post about the average cost for a roof to be constructed in Boulder. Local home owners doing research found their article online and then decided to give them a call after finding that article informative and trust building. The best part about this method of content marketing is that an overwhelming majority of local businesses are not taking advantage of this method.

For advanced content marketing promotion methods, check out this video for one website you can use to expand the reach of your articles:

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