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3 bizarre Gundam spin-off games

Some of the best Gundam games are actually weird, bizarre spin-offs that take the mecha series to new heights. There are too many to list now and rightfully so as most of them aren’t that great. However, there are a few gems out there. To celebrate the release of the greatest spin-off series, Dynasty Warriors Gundam, and its new release, Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn debuting next week on PS3, let’s look at the best video game spin-offs for the Gundam series with a quick video. And to note, they are all Japanese.

This is a piece of promo art for the DS game.
Bandai Namco

Battle Dodge Ball 2: Dodgeball may not seem like a great idea for a video game, but thanks to Super Dodgeball for the NES that no longer remains true. There really hasn’t been a resurgence of this, er, genre, so let’s look to the past. At its peek, there were Super Dodgeball clones like this little oddity starring Gundam characters. It plays like Super Dodgeball, but with that extra Gundam flair to entice fans in.

Kidou Gekidan Haro Ichiza Hero no Puyo Puyo: Well one look at that can tell anyone why this game was not localized in the west. Ahem, anyway, for those that don’t know, Puyo Puyo is essentially a Tetris like series of puzzle games. This plays out exactly as the others except with a Gundam skin. It plays well and seeing familiar faces from the original Gundam series is charming in their chibi forms. Ramba Ral is just, ugh, too dang cute.

SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors: This game probably relates most to next week’s release of Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn. This is actually a culmination of two spin-off series. One being the SD Gundam series, which depict the mechs as sentient chibi robots. The other is Dynasty Warriors. Put them together and that makes SDGBBW. It plays similarly to the Dynasty Warrior games with more of an emphasis on a few characters rather than many. Like every game on this list, it’s Japanese, but it’s easily accessible even to those without any knowledge of the language. Pure, addictive, portable fun on the DS

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