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3-Best ways to contact a celebrity

3 Best Ways To Contact A Celebrity

There are a lot of different reasons in which you may want to find out celebrity contact information, ranging from being a brand owner to being a person wanting to use a celebrity for your movie or song. The process of finding celebrity contact info can be tough and time consuming, so we are going to run through the 3 best ways to contact celebrities.

1. Using A Middle Agency

There are a lot of companies out there that can put you in touch with celebrities, and specialize in helping you make deals with celebrities. Whether you are trying to set-up an endorsement for your brand, or trying to get a celebrity to be featured in your movie, they can help you in all steps of the way. A few things to keep in mind when using a middle agency for contacting a celebrity, is that they charge a fee that could range from 5-15% of the deal that you are putting together, so this is something to keep in mind. In some situations, those helping you and assisting you through the different steps in working with a celebrity can be very helpful, other times it may cost more than you are able to afford. Green Lights Agency which is a part of Corbis can help you in achieving this.

2. Contact A Celebrity Directly

Now I don’t mean actually calling or emailing the actual celebrity directly, unless you already have a relationship with them. What I am saying is reaching out to their manager or booking agent with whatever business proposition that you are proposing for them. It can be tough to find the contact information for their booking agent and manager, but there are different online databases that can give you access to this information. Celebrity Contact Info is a popular database that has mainly the contact information for popular celebrities in the music industry.

3. Utilize Twitter

Contacting a celebrity through Twitter is another way of reaching out to a celebrity directly, though this is probably the most ineffective of the 3 if you are trying to do business. If you are a fan, then the chances of them responding to you ranges depending on how active that celebrity is on Twitter. For business, it is unlikely that they will respond to you. Though, if the celebrity is on a smaller scale then they may respond to you and let you know the best way to get in touch with them to set something up. You can usually find the handle for a celebrity on Twitter by searching for their name like ‘[name] Twitter’ into Google.


Other ways to contact celebrities include networking at different events in order to build a connection, reaching out within your own network, or trying get in touch with them at an event. Even though you may see some success with those methods, they are definitely going to be the most inefficient.

Celebrities keep us buying newspapers, get us watching TV shows, and influence the products in which we buy. Hopefully after reading this article, you can get in touch with a celebrity for whatever reason that you may have whether you’re looking for an endorsement, set-up a deal, or just a fan looking to reach out.

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