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3 Best apps to help you watch the Oscars

Tonight is a big night for the film industry, the Academy Awards! Take a look at these great applications what will help you enjoy the 2014 Oscars. Be sure to download

1. ZeeBox is a free app that will let you get into great conversations about film with other buffs. Make sure to check it out, especially for tonight.

2. Awards Guide: The Oscars. This is another free app, specifically designed for the Oscars.

3. Of course, IMDB. None of that, "Oh, what was he in?" "Where do I know that guy from?" Use the IMDB app to track the film history of all of your favorite stars and directors.

What apps do you use when you watch the Oscars, or do you use sites like Facebook and Twitter to see what people are talking about? Comment below.

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