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3 basic Firefox add-ons to improve productivity

3 simple Firefox add-ons
3 simple Firefox add-ons
Screen shot by Sandy Stachowiak

Mozilla's Firefox, much like Google's Chrome, offers a variety of add-ons and extensions for appearance customization, shopping and entertainment, social media updates, alerts and feeds, and so much more. These products strive to provide Firefox users with an enhanced Web browsing and Firefox usage experience.

Whether at work or play on Firefox, there are a few really basic add-ons that can help improve your productivity.

1. Back/Forward Dropmarker by Dagger. This add-on simply adds the arrow to your back and forward buttons with a drop-down of recently visited pages. It is just a really nice, clean way to revisit pages without holding down the back or forward buttons themselves. The drop-down displays the pages and you simply choose which one to move back to or forward.

2. Classic Theme Restorer by Aris. This add-on brings back many of the Firefox features before the most recent browser update. What made many search for this add-on was the placement of the tabs to the top of the window. This add-on allows you to place the tabs back where they were in previous versions of Firefox and comes with a lot of other great features as well. Additional tab customization, the appmenu button, star button in the URL, and many useful buttons and toolbar options are available.

3. ColorfulTabs by Shivanand Sharma. This add-on is perfect for organizing your tabs if you are used to working with several open at once. Being able to specify domains as certain colored tabs whenever they are opened is convenient. There are various color options from default to fine-tuned colors. Tab color fading and image backgrounds are also handy for customization. Changing tab colors with a simple right-click to set it apart from the others also makes this a greatly useful tool.

Sometimes it is just the simplest, most basic adjustments that can make a difference in productivity levels. Check out the Firefox Add-ons site for additional products, themes, and to keep track of your favorites.

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