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3 basic exercises that you can do without a gym

athlete workouts out with pushups
athlete workouts out with pushups
Photo by Renee McKay/Getty Images

I truly believe that you can build a nice body off basic body weight exercises. If you have a busy schedule, And you don't have time to make it into a gym. Why skip exercise when your body is your gym. You can build a better body anywhere you go. Your body weight is all you need to torch fat and build muscle. Here 3 basic exercises to use:


Push-ups is one of the most common calisthenics exercise for building upper body strength. We avoid this basic exercise for the gym fantasy bench presses machines. But this exercise if done correctly will help build upper body and core strength. There also plenty of variations to the push-up, find out different ways to challenge yourself.


The pull-up are one of the ultimate upper-body exercises. As a trainer I have grown to love this exercise, because how it helps build a strong back. Pull-ups works your latissimus dorsi-the biggest muscle group in your upper body. These muscles are critical for good posture. Pull ups is an exercise that will stand the test of time. No gym needed, just a pull up bar.

Body squats

Squating is basic human movement. It builds strong legs and core. Too many gym goers go to the squat racks to squat heavy weight, and don’t master their own body weight, making the execution of the exercise bad. Do body squat to help tone and strengthen, don’t worry about adding weight. Body weight squats will do wonders.

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