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3 Alternatives to Crutches After Foot or Ankle Surgery

Injuries that result in foot or ankle surgery usually leave the injured patient relying on crutches for mobility. Crutches can be uncomfortable under the arms and difficult to use, which could result in tumbles causing further injury. Fortunately, there are other alternatives. Knee walker scooters, wheelchairs and power mobility scooters are useful options to consider.

Knee Walker Scooters
A knee walker scooter is one of the best alternatives to crutches. It looks similar to a bicycle without pedals, has four wheels for balanced, steering handles and brakes. A knee walker is used by placing the injured leg on the knee walker for support while pushing around with the good leg. Some knee walkers are equipped with baskets so the injured patient can go shopping independently and carry their purchases with ease. The knee walker scooter is convenient for getting around both inside the home and outside.

The wheelchair is another alternative to crutches that will allow an injured foot or ankle to rest and heal while allowing the patient to move around freely from place to place. However, to move the wheelchair around properly requires strong arms. Expect to experience sore arm muscles unless the wheelchair is electric or someone is available to push you around.

Power Mobility Scooters
Power mobility scooters are great because they provide quick and comfortable mobility while also letting the injured foot or ankle to heal. However, this type of mobility scooter is somewhat cumbersome, so it may be difficult to navigate inside the home. On the other hand, mobility scooters can be used with ease outdoors and in supermarkets. They do run by battery so recharging regularly is necessary.

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