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2nd prayer death: Couple sentenced to prison after 2nd child's death

A 2nd prayer death has Herbert and Catherine Schaible going to jail. The Schaible's, you see, don't believe in medicine and have tried to "heal" their ill children by way of prayer. On Feb. 19, MSN reported that the Schaible's have now lost two children from sickness and they will now be heading to prison because of it.

"Herbert and Catherine Schaible defied a court order to get medical care for their children after their 2-year-old son, Kent, died in 2009. Instead, they tried to comfort and pray over 8-month-old Brandon last year as he, too, died of treatable pneumonia," reports MSN.

The 2nd prayer death was shocking to some -- but not to those who knew the Schaible's. While some believed that the couple had learned a lesson the first time around, others knew that the couple would continue practicing their beliefs. Now, however, the Schaible's admit that they were wrong and they now say that they should have done more to save these two children.

"The D.A. is actually right. I feel like I failed as a mother because they're not alive," said Catherine Schaible after the death of her second son. While prayer is certainly helpful and many believe that it's essential, it can't cure pneumonia or other serious illnesses on its own.

The 2nd prayer death could have been avoided had the couple taken their kids to the doctor. According to the report, the Schaible's have six other children -- most of them are in foster care. Their 18-year-old and was present in the Pennsylvania court when his parents were sentenced. According to the report, most of the Schaible kids now wear glasses.

Herbert and Catherine Schaible will spend the next three and a half to seven years behind bars.

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