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2nd Annual PHAMExpo comes to Pasadena Convention Center

Marlena Stell, CEO, Makeup Geek, 2104 PHAMExpo, Pasadena Convention Center
Marlena Stell, CEO, Makeup Geek, 2104 PHAMExpo, Pasadena Convention Center
Reese Alexander

Professional Hair and Makeup Expo (PHAMExpo) brings together its two-day event June 28th and 29th to the Pasadena Convention Center. It is the ultimate event for savvy beauty professional students and anyone interested in the latest trends in hair and makeup. The PHAMExpo debuted last year at the Pasadena Convention and it is an opportunity for pros, beauty students and aficionados to learn about the latest products, gather information from leading brands, and purchase the hottest new products, treatments and tools on the market. If you are a beauty lover the PHAMExpo is the place to be.

2nd Annual PHAMExpo, Pasadena Convention Center
Eseer Entertainment

Cheryl Morrill is the President and Founder of PHAMExpo. Her objective is to combine hair, makeup, nails and other beauty industry companies all in one show. PHAMExpo has become the ultimate place to showcase the newest, latest and greatest products and up-to-the-minute trends in the industry.

Morrill's work experience was perfect for establishing and creating PHAMExpo. Prior to founding the PHAMExpo Morrill was Operations Manager for Key Publishing Group where she directed and coordinated all aspects of six international and national trade shows, including negotiating contracts with venues, union contractors, and hotels. As Operations Manager she was responsible for working closely with vendors and clients to ensure quality shows, generate ROI , and create new sponsorship opportunities to seize additional revenue and awareness for clients and brands.

Additionally Morrill served as Account Executive for ABC Television affiliate in Portland, Oregon where she managed website ad sales on and worked closely with national and local ad agencies for companies such as Bosh, Chevrolet, Providence Hospital.

PHAMExpo brings together education, brands, and an opportunity to learn from professionals and network. There are discounts on products ranging from 10% - 40% on some of your favorite beauty supplies. In addition attendees have an opportunity to see artistry in action as well as participate in the PHAMEous Nail Competition. Here are highlights to see at PHAMExpo 2014.

Main Stage PHAMExpo presents:

  • Damone Roberts - Bless Them With Good Brows. Celebrity makeup artist and brow guru Damone Roberts will take you on a “Brow Journey” and help you to craft your eye for developing the correct brow shape and choosing the right products to achieve your desired look.
  • Roshar - Extreme Beauty: Exploring Different Techniques to Achieve Maximum Effect. Celebrity makeup artists shows extreme beauty and explores different techniques to achieve maximum effect.
  • Scott Barnes and Frank Galasso. Watch as celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes along with celebrity hair stylist Frank Galasso WOW you with their makeup and hair transformations.
  • Donna Mee - Mastering the Details For A Stronger Portfolio. Donna will share wisdom on an abundance of topics to build a stronger book for those that aspire to master their craft, and have an edge on the competition.
  • Michael O’Rourke - Angles in Motion. Get inspired and explore the depths of your own creativity as Michael demonstrates and explains his proprietary cutting system “Angles in Motion”and shares with you his insights and advice from over 50 years as a platform artist, salon owner and entrepreneur.
  • Doe Deere - Building a Cult Brand. Doe Deere is CEO and Founder of Lime Crime cosmetics, a cult brand based in Los Angeles. With a global following of 1.5 million, Lime Crime is the quintessential cult brand that’s on everyone’s lips.
  • Roque Cozzette - Modern Makeup Methodology for the Evolving Digital Era. During this Fashion Couture presentation, you will gather insight to techniques created for the High-Fashion circuit of Paris and Milan, where Roque lent his creative visions.
  • AJ Crimson - The Hustle, The Drive, The Dream. Join AJ Crimson as he shares his knowledge for building a professional brand, a fruitful career working for yourself, and calling your own shots in the ever changing climate of the beauty business!
  • Michael Vincent Academy presents Michelle Laxson, ChristineDillon, Michael Vincent, Tal B Vincent, Michelle Alamanza, Tamanna (Dress your face) - Punks Meets Couture Michael Vincent Academy offers a unique experience by teaching students the top industry tips while working in a functioning studio setting.
  • Sam and Nic Chapman - Pixiwoo “The Pixiwoo Effect”. Sam and Nic will discuss their careers from training and professional experience to YouTube and beyond.
  • Sam Fine - Fine: The Basics of Beauty. During this special appearance, Fine sets the record straight on all makeup fundamentals – gracefully grooming eyebrows, creating a flawless foundation, contouring and highlighting, and much, much more.
  • TNT Agency presents Alejandra Barraza Advanced Contouring - Alejandra Barraza will demonstrate her signature make-up techniques which will help you master the art of contouring.
  • Beauty Talk Radio & Lysa Comfort - Will host PHAMEous Nails Competition Awards Presentation

Master Classes

  • Kelly Peach - High Fashion Hair. This class will provide you with the knowledge that Kelly has learned over her many years as a professional hair stylist.
  • Todd McIntosh – Hollywood Period Beauty. From two-time Emmy Award winner Todd McIntosh, this class will cover the evolution of the Hollywood Makeup Looks from the early films of the 1920s to the 1960s.
  • Kelley Baker - Flawless Eyebrows. Kelley will teach the foundational skills needed to assess and execute flawless eyebrows.
  • Richard Radstone - Creative Mind Camp. Renowned Photographer; Richard Radstone will be teaching “Creative Mind Camp” in this roll-up-your-sleeves and get thinking Master Class you will emerge with a better understanding of not only WHAT you create, but better yet, a deeper connection to WHY you create
  • Erica Carr - Making it BIG in the Bridal Business. Globetrotting wedding stylist Erica Carr will share her insider secrets to becoming a seriously BIG deal in the wedding industry.
  • Donna Mee – Industry Light Bulb Moments (That No One Has Shared With You). How to achieve success that aspiring makeup artists dream of and unknown factors holding them back from the true success they desire.

PHAMExpo brings together the top and hottest beauty and hair brands in the business. If you are a lover of brands such as Lime Crime, Makeup Geek, Mink Wink, Flutter Lashes, Appeal Cosmetics, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Morphe Brushes, RCMA, Vanity Girl, AJ Crimson Beauty, Nigels, Naimie’s, Frends, Cao Cosmetics or Sedona Lace and many others, then you are in luck. There are a plethora of brands present that you will want to visit. To view the exhibitors present, click here.

The PHAMExpo brings together the best products and biggest artists in the industry, and it will energize, inform, and inspire attendees. This two-day event is jam-packed with an impressive line-up of local and national makeup artists and stylists, cutting-edge technology, and up-and-coming trends.

PHAMExpo delivers an unequaled opportunity to explore new products and techniques across every category in the beauty industry, helping to propel your career and imagination to the next level.

To attend the PHAMExpo or learn more about it and purchase your tickets for PHAMExpo 2015 visit their website.

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