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29 shot in Chicago: Weekend filled with violence leaves four dead

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There were at least 29 shot in Chicago over the weekend, and four of those people died according to NBC Chicago. The shots rang out in a number of separate incidents around the city, and in most cases the suspects are still at large.

Though the 29 shot in Chicago were all affected for different reasons, the shooting of two Chicago police officers is the incident perhaps garnering the most attention. The Chicago Tribune shares that a 29-year-old man has been denied bail and is facing five counts of attempted murder for the Friday night incident. Malik Shabazz is accused of shooting two officers after they stopped the vehicle Shabazz was in.

The officers returned fire, hitting Shabazz. One officer was shot in the leg while the other was hit in the torso. Luckily he had a bulletproof vest on, but both officers were taken to the hospital. Shabazz was hit multiple times, and a woman in the car was hit once. Reports indicate that the officers initially pulled over the vehicle because they suspected the occupants were riding with a gun.

While the investigations continue, at least one shooting scene involving multiple victims was believed to be tied to gang involvement, while some other incidents seem to be drive-bys or domestic violence situations. Even for a city known for a fair amount of gun violence, seeing that there were at least 29 shot in Chicago over the course of a single weekend is enough to make anyone shudder at least a bit.


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