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29 Palms Creative Center: an art-maker's destination

If you are an art lover, you probably spend many weekends visiting nearby museums, galleries, and artwalks. But if your love is art-making, you should drive a little further this weekend, to 29 Palms, and visit the 29 Palms Creative Center

Under the shadow of the northern hills of Joshua Tree National Park, nestled amidst the benign palm trees of the Oasis of Mara, proprietress Gretchen Grunt has set up a multi-purpose gallery, shop, studio complex, showroom, and, best of all, classroom, for the art-minded weekend traveler.

The 29 Palms Creative Center offers weekend, one-day, and half-day classes in all variety of art production, from sculpting to oil- and water-painting. But the highlight of the Creative Center’s offerings is print making. Ms. Grunt is a professional print maker, with many studio shows under her paint-covered apron. Sitting like a museum piece in the center of the studio is a large, classically designed wagon-wheel style printing press, which visitors are invited to “take for a spin!” quite literally.

Classes are offered to individuals or groups, and to both adults and children. Check the Center’s website for a prearranged class schedule, and contact the studio directly to organize your own art making day, by yourself or with a group of friends.

Also be sure to check the Center’s Event Schedule. Art Openings are a common event at the Center, and are a great way to spend an early evening under the voluminous stars of Joshua Tree, glass of wine in hand, and get to meet locals, and local artists, as well as see some of the finest original works of the High Desert on display. Don’t be surprised if a live local band sets up in the backyard for an impromptu set!

The 29 Palms Creative Center is in the Oasis of Mara, at the southern reaches of the city of 29 Palms, abutting the northern edge of the Joshua Tree National Monument. Simply drive east on State Route 62 through the town of Joshua Tree, into 29 Palms, and turn right onto Adobe Road. Go approximately 1/2 mile, the Creative Center will be on your left, at 6847 Adobe Road.

 For more info: Be sure to visit the 29 Palms Creative Center website before you go.


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