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28 of the 33 Chilean miners rescued from underground hole

Today marks a joyous day in Chile as rescue missions continue to free the 33 miners stuck underground for 69 days. By evening 28 have been rescued. The rescue mission began at midnight today in Chile. Each miner is freed approximately every 40 minutes by entering a 13-foot-tall capsule which brings them up from the hole underground. After they are on ground the miners are sent to a nearby hospital by an air force helicopter where they will be under medical observation for 48 hours.

All miners are brought up with special $450 Radar model Oakley sunglasses to protect the miner’s eyes from the ultraviolet light. Since the miners have been underground for so long immediate exposure to sunlight might damage the retina region of their eyes. Miners are given oxygen masks for proper breathing and sweaters to deal with the sudden cooler climate atmosphere. Inside the capsule miners are monitored by video for any sudden anxiety attacks.

Also there to greet the miners have been Chilean President Sebastian Pinera and his wife Cecilia Morel. After the first miner, Florencio Avalos was rescued President Pinera expressed his joy on Twitter stating that “Que emocion! Que felicidad! Que orgullor de ser Chileno! Y que gratitude con Dios!” which in Spanish means “What emotion! What joy! What pride of being Chilean! And what gratitude to God!”


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