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28 Days of Love - Day 1


February 1st is the first day of love, one of the most loving times of the year. Birds are chirping, hearts fluttering, and all of the feel good feelings that come around when February hits start bubbling over in unfettered excitement at the possibilities of love. Although, the reality is, its quite cold here in Boston and you’re more likely to be mistaking the birds chirping with the howling sounds of 25mph winds, but who cares! It’s the month of love!

However, not all of us have that special someone to spend it with and we find ourselves riding solo for Valentine’s Day, but don’t fret, because the solution is here.

I call this month V-Day deluxe! First and foremost the entire month is dedicated to you! Often, singletons spend February depressed and watching old reruns of love stories and all that mush pa! Couples get so overwhelmed with buying that “special gift” for their beloveds and in the end either feel robbed or under appreciated! This year, I dare you to take a stand against Valentine’s Day and make it your own by celebrating the love you have for you!

I say it shall be enacted starting February 1st, that we spend the month not loving someone else, but ourselves because truly loving another means loving yourself first! Everyday this month buy a special gift for you. Nothing too extravagant, but nice enough to make you feel loved. That cute bracelet or pair of shoes you’ve been vying for, splurge on them, those new pair of sneakers or All-Star tickets you’ve questioned yourself about getting, buy them. Why not? I mean it’s not like you have a significant other to splurge on outrageously and even if you do, showing yourself a little love won’t hurt. So why not take advantage of the ridiculous sales abound and get yourself something you truly want!

So let’s kick February off with a bang and get a massage at one of my  favorite spas in Boston, La Dolce Vita, on Boylston street! Not only do they give some of the best massages, but you could also get a mani-pedi and a plethora of other options. I mean, treating yourself good, has a way of attracting others. Law of Attraction anyone?

Valentine’s Day can be as pleasurable as you make it! On that note, I will leave you with this:

There are 28 days in February, 365 days in a year, but there is only one you and one life, live it loving yourself!


  • Denisha Crawley 5 years ago

    WOW....never knew you had that talent. That was so inspiring and I am going to apply myself to this suggestion. I loved the quote at the end

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