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27 is a Deadly number taking away talented Artists


Robert Johnson Protograph

A couple of days ago, the Averaged Sevenfold's drummer, Jimmy Sullivan, passed away at the aged of 28. Due to this tragedy, the curiosity light bull was turned on by the age of the artist, as it was around the corner to the age of the members of  Club 27. A talented group of artists connected with their common passion for music and the time when death knocked at their doors, as the name proudly presents it.

Jimmy’s death was labeled as a natural death, unlike  the one of the first members of the club whom decided to go against nature and killed himself "accidentally". Jimi Hendrix, died in a hotel's basement in London, on September 18, 1970, due to a mixture of wine and sleeping pills causing the artist to drown on his own vomit. Janis Joplin walked the same path on October of that same year, due to a drug overdose.  Another member of Club 27 is the famous Jim Morrison, front man of The Doors. Some said he passed away due to a heart failure, but  years later, USA Today announced the statement of a dance club manager in Paris, reporting the death of the singer to be in a toilet stall after what he believes was a drug overdose. After two decades later, the mysterious deaths continued as artists arrived to the age of 27. Kurt Cobain shot  himself on April 8,1994 only  two months after his birthday .

Seems like there is no stop to this curse in music history, but when exactly did it start?  Take a Walk on the Dark Side, a book by R. Gary Patterson presents the story of how the legendary Blues man, Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil at a lonely country crossroad, as an exchange for the ability to play the guitar, along the company of women, whiskey and fame. He luxuriated in them until he turned 27. Some said he was poisoned by a girlfriend, others by a jealous husband, but it seems that his song “Me and the Devil” echoed on the day of his death.

Baby, I don't care where you bury my
body when I'm dead and gone
You may bury my body, ooh
down by the highway side
So my old evil spirit
can catch a Greyhound bus and ride

Was this the beginning of the of the Club 27? No one really knows if the age of these artists is just a coincidence or a pact with the devil in able to entertain and maintain Rock music alive.


  • Yamilka 5 years ago

    If doing a pact with the devil resulted in these musicians dying at the age of 27, then I want to know who Keith Richards did a pact with. He's like 270 years old, has done all sorts of drugs,heavy drinking, and he's still standing!

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