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27 arrests in multi-agency drug sweep

A multi-agency drug sweep, dubbed Operation Clean Sweep took place in Manchester, NH on Feb. 19 + 20, 2014. As a result 27 people were arrested. Chief of Police David Mara addresses the press detailing the sweep.
A multi-agency drug sweep, dubbed Operation Clean Sweep took place in Manchester, NH on Feb. 19 + 20, 2014. As a result 27 people were arrested. Chief of Police David Mara addresses the press detailing the sweep.
Jeffrey Hastings/ Frame of Mind Photography

In their continued effort to rid the city of heroin, the Manchester Police Special Enforcement Division and Manchester Police S.W.A.T. worked in a collaborated effort with the following agencies: Drug Enforcement Agency (HIDTA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), New Hampshire State Police (NHSP), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (INS), Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), New Hampshire Probation and Parole and the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department, according to a Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014 press release by Manchester Police.

The agencies began Operation Clean Sweep on February 19th, 2014 with the arrests of three people, David Sweeney, 8-17-1976, of 421 Hevey Street, 3rd floor, Manchester, Nicole Capodanno, 07-17-1989, same address and Jonathan Surette, 3-19-1980, of 64 Laval Street, Manchester.

Sweeney and Capodanno were each charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute and Possession of a Controlled Drug. Surette is charged with Possession of a Controlled Drug.

Police said, during the execution of a search warrant on the residence of Sweeney and Capodanno detectives located and recovered 51.3 grams of heroin, 22 methadone tablets, 10 lorazapam and almost $5,000.00 in United States Currency.

Surette allegedly had 7.1 grams of heroin in his possession when he was arrested. All three were brought to MPD and booked without incident, police said.

Authorities assembled eight separate arrest teams to resume Operation Clean Sweep at about 5:00 a.m. yesterday, Feb. 20, 2014. The teams searched multiple addresses for 34 people they had on their Drug Warrant List. As of the time of the release 27 arrests had been made, three other people were set to turn themselves in to police and detectives were unable to locate the remaining four.

Police stated the following people were all arrested for Possession with Intent:

Ashley Monty, 07/19/1990, of 628 North Road, Candia, NH

Angela Lagrant, 12/04/1973, of 547 Silver Street, City of Manchester

Timothy Miller, 05/30/1977, of 7 Ash Street, City of Manchester

Kevin Potvin, 10/07/1985, of 32 Bath Street, 2nd floor, City of Manchester

Samantha Azotea, 04/29/1990, of 32 Bath Street, 2nd floor, City of Manchester

Benjamin Hesselink, 2/23/1989, of 14 Maple Street, Nashua

Fritz Lemite (Lemire) 12/20/1977, of 208 Lowell Street, City of Manchester

Tabitha Smith, 07/10/1988, of 226 Karatzas Ave, City of Manchester

Andrew Emanuel, 2/4/1980, of 664 Grove Street, City of Manchester

Ramon Hernandez, 6/5/1973, of 478 Beech Street, City of Manchester

Robert Shatney, 3/22/1965, of 231 Throrton 3rd floor, City of Manchester

Brenda Daoust, 10/29/1967, of 246 East High Street, City of Manchester

Sandra Debrito, 01/13/1975, of 886 Valley Street, City of Manchester

Mario Ozuna, 06/22/1965, of 119 Beech Hill Drive, City of Manchester

Michelle Shuman, 1/16/1973, of 163 S. Beech Street, City of Manchester

Joseph Barlow, 4/2/1981 Currently in Concord State Prison

Jessica Caron, Unknown, Valley Street Jail

Coty Bourke, 6/8/1991, of 43 Walnut Street, City of Manchester

Charles Bakas, 12/10/1954, of 9 L Phillip Road, Derry, NH

Mark Sweet, 06/21/1985, of 309 Goffstown Road, City of Manchester

Adam Gaw, 12/01/1980, of 117 Wheelock Street, City of Manchester

Kevin Andre, Concord State Prison

All of the people listed above had local and state warrants for Possession with Intent, with the exception of one, Mark Sweeney. Sweeney is charged with Theft by Deception.

Several names have not and will not be released at this time due to the nature of this year-long investigation, police said.

Source: Manchester Police Department

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