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25 years in the making, Booker's Bourbon® celebrates with Batch No. 2014-1

Booker's Bourbon®

Celebrate 25 years of Booker's Bourbon® with an exclusive limited edition silver anniversary release in an exclusive bottling making it the most unique liquid produced to date. Named Batch No. 2014-1 this batch pays homage to its namesake, 6th Generation Beam Master Distiller, Booker Noe, who was a lot like his favorite bourbon: uncut, unfiltered and straight up.

In commemoration of the occasion Beam Family’s 7th Generation Master Distiller and 2013 Bourbon Hall of Fame Inductee, Fred Noe, who is also Booker Noe's son and Booker Noe's grandson, Freddie Noe selected barrels that were aged longer than any Booker’s Bourbon® batch to-date to make sure of an exceptional, one-of-a-kind flavor to honor Booker and his legacy.

“One of Dad’s last requests for me was to take care of his Booker’s®, and we plan to do just that by sharing it with you all, which I know he would have done himself,” said Fred Noe. “This will be a special bottling for our loyal fans of Booker’s® - they have never ever had one that is going to taste like this particular batch.”

Booker’s Bourbon® is aged nine to eleven years and bottled between 121 and 130 proof; and is the only bourbon bottled straight-from-the-barrel, uncut, unfiltered and With its robust vanilla nose and wide range of flavors,from oak tannin to mocha notes, this exclusive and extremely limited batch has a deep taste with a smooth finish.

For World Bartender Day, take time out of your busy schedule and kick back with some friends and share a smooth drink of Booker's Bourbon® sipped gently on the rocks or cut with filtered water to truly enjoy its flavor.

Booker's Bourbon® 25th Anniversary Batch No. 2014-1 is currently available in select markets now and nationally in early March. Booker’s Bourbon® Batch No. 2014-1 comes inside a commemorative wooden case and will only be sold in extremely limited qualities with a price tag of $99.99 for a 750ml bottle.

For a special look inside the barrel selection of the Booker’s® 25th Anniversary Batch visit v=9qvQnoNRPCA.

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