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25 ways to get your life back

We all have those moments when nothing seems to go right. Everything appears to fall around us and we don't have a clue on how to solve any of it!

Here are some quick-fire ways (25 to be exact) on how to not only get your life back, but to kick ass while you're doing it!

1. Get clear about what's bugging you. Why are you irritated exactly? What's getting under your skin at the moment? How is it making you behave? Does this incident/person/experience remind you something from your past? In what way? How do you want this to be different?

2. Take a 10 minute break every day. Do absolutely nothing for 10 straight minutes. It may appear on the surface that nothing is happening, but trust me, something is happening.  You are rejuvenating your soul.

3. Declutter your space. Take one spot at a time and declutter it. Clear off a table, wash some dishes, fold laundry, empty your hamper, clean your closet...DECLUTTER. It'll clear out your thinking.

4. Get 8 hours of sleep. Yup, it's a task doing this! I am up to getting 7 hours per night. It's been a helluva journey, but it is soooo worth it. You have boundless energy and you just feel good.

5. Eat more veggies and fruit. Do I really need to explain this one??

6. Smile more. It's like giving a free gift to yourself. (what you give to others, you get back)

7. Go for a walk around nature. Heighten the experience by not bringing your cell phone or MP3 player. Or a friend.

8. Pray. The benefits of prayer are enormous! It's definitely one of those "gotta see it to believe it" experiences.

9. Listen to your intuition. Don't know when it's your intuition and when it's your mind talking to you? Here's a hint: Your mind usually screams or makes you feel like you have to do something NOW. Your intuition is cool, calm, and collected and you usually only hear it when you're quiet. AND your intuition doesn't judge you for making the "wrong" choice.

10. Hang with your friends. Friends are the best medicine when you're feeling down. Surround yourself with them and bask in their love. Low on friends? Find some here.

11. Volunteer. You just don't understand how awesome you will feel after volunteering. The effect is instant! Click here to see some volunteer events coming up in Dallas.

12. Try something new. Go somewhere you've never gone before, eat something you never heard of, participate in an activity that challenges what you believe about yourself. During this process you'll uncover hidden treasures within yourself.

13. Eat dessert. Have you ever just sat down and enjoyed a wonderfully cut piece of cake? What about eating warm cookies with a cool glass of milk? Have some dessert today and enjoy every frickin' morsel of it!

14. Read a great book. My summer didn't begin until I read great books. Eat, Pray, Love, is super exceptional for all of us facing the fork in the road in our lives.

15. Watch a funny movie. Find a movie that makes you double over from laughter pain. If you're able to laugh, you are waaay better off than you think.

16. Watch YouTube. There's enough entertainment on there to make you feel like your life really isn't so bad after all.

17. Smell good. I LOVE perfume shopping. My aunt and I can happily spend 3 hours at a perfume counter. It's fun discovering 'your' scent. Just make sure there are coffee beans nearby so that you don't blend all the scents together. This is also true for scenting your home. When you (or your surroundings) smell good, you feel good.

18. Cell Vacation. Give yourself 24 complete hours away from your cell phone. Turn it off! If 24 hours is too daunting, then try 8 hours. You'll be surprised at how much happier, freer, and clearer you are after giving yourself a cell phone break.

19. Carry Cash. Having a hard time getting your finances in order? The quickest way is to carry cash and leave all credit cards at home (or cut them up). By carrying cash, you are trusting yourself to be responsible with every penny. Besides, seeing the green wittle away in your wallet will make you prioritize your purchases.  

20. Organize, organize, organize. As I've said before, organization is so not my strong suit. However, I am getting a lot better at it now. I have to say, the benefits are priceless.

21. Zumba! I love to dance and zumba is the latest dance craze that I am totally digging. Check out some cool moves here. If you can't zumba or it looks to scary, then simply DANCE. Even in the privacy of your own home.

22. Get a massage. There are several ways to get an affordable massage nowadays. Gone are the days where you have to spend $60 per hour. Now, there are massages as low as $10. Check your local massage therapy school for their prices and schedule a 1 hour appointment today.

23. Visit a school or an after school program. Kids can be a crazy cure for a stuck-in-a-rut mood. (I am not advocating that you go have them so please do not tell your spouse that's what I said...I am saying enjoy the ones already here)

24. Cook. Go grab a Rachael Ray cookbook and prepare the best 30 minute gourmet meal you can afford.

25. Give yourself a break. A lot of times we want our lives to be perfect (whatever our definition of perfect may be) and/or better at this precise moment. Have a little patience and know that everything is a process. You don't have to have all that you think you want right now. Since you have no power to change or control what's going on right now, why not just simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the life that is in front of you.


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