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25 Valentine’s Day healthy food alternatives to chocolate

Cupid Smoothie
Cupid Smoothie

According to the Census Bureau, Americans ate 24.9 pounds of candy per capita in 2009. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching it’s safe to say that a large portion of that was consumed during the holiday season right next to Halloween.

Walking into the local supermarket, drugstore and corner market it’s easy to see that chocolate is easily accessible by everyone. With so many price ranges and flavors its hard not to grab a box for your sweetie.

For those who may not appreciate chocolate for Valentine’s Day there are healthier alternatives.

  1. Sugar-free chocolate-covered strawberries
  2. Angel food cake with sugar-free icing
  3. A fruit bouquet
  4. Dark cocoa and raspberries
  5. Light champagne and strawberries
  6. Sugar-free Dumdum lollipops come in chocolate flavor
  7. Homemade chocolate chip granola
  8. Small caramels with a bag of flavored coffee
  9. 85% Dark chocolate bars
  10. Dark chocolate covered blueberries
  11. 2 Chocolate graham crackers with some whipped topping between them
  12. Any sugar free gelatin
  13. Almonds
  14. Pistachios
  15. Cashews
  16. Chocolate flavored meringue cookies
  17. Bananas dipped in chocolate and frozen
  18. Italian ice
  19. Strawberry smoothie
  20. Carob
  21. Chocolate protein powder
  22. Nutella
  23. Heart-shaped apple slices with strawberry fruit dip
  24. Yogurt dipped strawberries
  25. Sliced cucumbers cut with a heart-shaped cookie cutter

While a store bought box of candy is convenient, creating something fun and healthy is sure to win over any valentine. Not only is it thoughtful, it really shows you care.

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