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25 tons of peanut butter deposited in New Mexico landfill instead of food banks

Peanut harvester.
Peanut harvester.

It’s a tragic cases of wasted food. Instead of donating 1 million jars (approximately 25 tons) of peanut butter to food banks throughout New Mexico, bankrupt Sunland Inc. has reportedly been dumping them at the Curry County landfill in Clovis, after Costco refused shipment citing an initial shipment as “unmarketable” due to leaky peanut oil. In addition, bankruptcy trustee Clarke Coll told the AP that after the giant wholesaler also rejected requests for the product to be repackaged or sold to brokers who supply food for prisons and other institutions, they had no choice but to throw it out, especially after it was found that the peanut butter was made with Valencia peanuts owned by Costco.

Peanut butter from the same peanuts was also made at the Sunland plant for other labels (including its own) such as Trader Joe’s and Krogers, as well as Costco.

Despite the fact that the Sunland processing plant had been at the center of a nationwide peanut butter recall due to 41 cases salmonella in 20 states back in 2012, “nothing has been found “wrong” with the peanut butter in question as far as health issues go he stated.”