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25% of couples claim that smartphones are distracting in their relationship

Photo credit: Dr Wendy Walsh
Photo credit: Dr Wendy Walsh
Photo credit: Dr Wendy Walsh

With Valentine’s Day approaching, a lot of couples are planning unique and special ideas to celebrate their love together. But no matter what the date is, perhaps the best Valentine’s Day gift of all is leaving your smartphone alone and giving your significant other your undivided attention.

According to a study released by the Pew Research Center, one in four couples state that smartphones are distracting in their relationship. While the convenience of smartphones have helped couples feel closer to each other due to online or text messages, the attractive qualities of smartphones also prove to be distracting in a relationship. Nowadays, it is a common phenomenon to see couples buried with their hands in their smartphones while they are on a date with each other.

The internet has also had a significant impact in determining the seriousness of a relationship. For example, sharing passwords of email accounts and social media profiles are an example of an established level of trust in a serious relationship. According to the report, about 67% of couples in serious relationships share their online passwords, whereas 27% use the same email account and 11% share a social media profile.

Other than texting and sharing social media account, married and unmarried couples are as likely to send sexts to their significant other, as one in 10 adults (married and unmarried) have admitted in sending a nude phot or video to each other. With the emergence of new apps like Snapchat, this has proven to be an ideal platform to share private photos or videos with specific people.