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25 metro fitness classes you should try: Metal Mondays

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Metal Monday isn't your typical indoor cycling class. Instead of pedaling to the latest Katy Perry and Lady Gaga -- which you probably have been hearing too much of lately, anyway -- you move to the sound of heavy metal!

This class, taught by Jen Nordhem at Breathe Denver on Mondays at 5:45, will help you push yourself to the next level. Jen is a long-time instructor and avid outdoor cyclist devoted to helping her class participants to become the best cyclists they can be, no matter if they stay indoors or take their bikes outside.

Why you might love it: It's a great indoor cycling workout without the overdone pop music.

Why you might not: You don't like heavy metal.

But don't count it out just yet. Maybe you don't listen to metal in your car, but that doesn't mean it won't motivate you like crazy to get the best workout possible. If you discover that it does help you kick it in gear, it could change your workout playlist forever!

Indoor cycling provides a fantastic cardiovascular workout regardless of what type of music you're listening to. Even if you're not an outdoor enthusiast, you might find you enjoy this indoor group fitness class. No rain, no traffic, no crashes -- just sweating and calorie burning. Indoor cycling classes can be found all over the metro; even if you don't go in for Metal Mondays, see if you can find another one that works for you.