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25 dead pilot whales die on beach in Florida: Over 50 whales dead in 2 months

25 dead whales were found beached in Florida and this comes on the heels of other events of beached dead whales in the state within the last few months. According to MSN on Jan. 24, the 25 whales were first spotted swimming Sunday near Gordon Pass in Naples and the whales were marked by biologists.

25 pilot whales beach themselves to die in Florida.
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The pod of pilot whales were tracked on Sunday and then spotted again on Monday near Marco Pass just off Marco Island. The biologists tracked them until they were about two miles out at sea.

Then on Thursday 25 whales were spotted beached on Kice Island by a boater. This was about 16 miles south of where the whales were first discovered on Sunday. The whales that had beached themselves were all dead, which was confirmed by a FWC field biologist who was working in tandem with FWC law enforcement.

Sixteen female whales and nine male whales are now added to the list of whales that have beached themselves and died in Florida since December. Eight whales were found earlier this week near Fort. Myers around Lover’s Key. Four of the whales were dead and the other four had to be euthanized. The whales underwent necropolises which showed that all of them had empty stomachs. Some appeared in “decent condition” and others appeared “emaciated.”

Out of the eight whales five were males and three were female. One of the females was pregnant. This also comes on the heels of another 22 whales dying out of a pod of 51 whales found stranded in the Everglades National Park. It is not known what the 22 whales died from.

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