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$25 corn dog from Arizona Diamondbacks: $100 for family of 4 to eat corn dogs

A $25 corn dog is something fans of the Arizona Diamondbacks will find on the menu this year at Chase Field. The 18-inch deep fried corn dog, or the “D-bat Dog” is one expensive hotdog no matter how you dress it up.

A $25 corn dog is offered by the Arizona Diamondbacks ballpark. A bit high in price?

A family of four will shell out $100 bucks so each can enjoy this corn dog stuffed with cheese, bacon and jalapeno. The corn dog is set to make its debut at Big Dawgs at Chase Field this season, according to Fox Sports on March 18.

There’s no word if fries come with the corn dog or not, but at $25 a side of fries might lesson the blow a bit. After shelling out $25 for a glorified big hotdog, even a soda would be a nice side offering.

Eating or drinking at any ball park comes with sticker fright as the prices are greatly inflated. This is all part of the experience of a day out watching your favorite pro sport.

Charging $25 for a corn dog adds validity to the feeling that each and every game played is an event. When you shell out this kind of money, you feel like you were at an important event. It is getting to the point that you almost need to take out a second mortgage on your home if you plan to attend a pro ball game these days!

The Arizona Diamondbacks the announced their new corn dog on Twitter Tuesday.

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