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25 colleges with superfast internet

Brandeis University, MA
Brandeis University, MA
Nancy Griesemer

Taking an unusual twist on college rankings, ValoreBooks working together with analyzed colleges and universities for internet speed—differences in upload and download rates.

Lamar State College topped the list of colleges with superfast internet
Lamar State College

And it turns out that money in the bank doesn’t mean much when it comes to providing students with speedy internet. In fact, some colleges you might expect to provide first class service in terms of network speed are actually “rather mediocre.”

“Notably, the college with the highest download speeds is not Harvard [23.1 Mbps] or Yale [25.6 Mbps], as one might expect,” suggests the researchers at ValoreBooks. “Instead, Lamar State College in Port Arthur, Texas wins the gold medal for download speeds, clocking in at 154.8 Megabits per second.”

This is significantly faster than downloads at Stanford University (56.8 Mbps), Princeton (15.5 Mbps), or MIT (20.7 Mbps).

And internet speed matters. Researchers depend on the capability to transmit information for their work. Professors depend on it for instructional purposes, and students increasingly expect colleges to provide fast internet service in every area of campus.

Colleges are no doubt continuously playing catch-up when it comes to technology and the Internet. It’s a constant challenge to upgrade and update. But it is curious to see which colleges put a premium on internet speed benefiting the entire campus community.

“While internet speed may not be the most important factor at play when choosing a college, a school’s investment in its technological infrastructure reflects its commitment to innovation—which should be on a prospective student’s checklist,” concludes ValoreBooks and

On a website designed for self-testing, published average download speed test results from several local colleges and universities including the University of Maryland (52.6 Mbps), Georgetown University (26.1 Mbps), Old Dominion University (24.2 Mbps), the University of Virginia (17.7 Mbps), Radford University (17.5 Mbps), Longwood University (17.4 Mbps), and James Madison University (16.7 Mbps).

And for the record, the following colleges tested with the fastest internet speeds (ranked by download + upload):

  1. Lamar State College—Port Arthur
  2. Delaware Technical and Community College
  3. Suffolk University
  4. Texas A&M University
  5. Brandeis University
  6. Metropolitan State University of Denver
  7. University of Wyoming at Laramie
  8. Carroll College
  9. Rice University
  10. Langston University
  11. Clarkson College
  12. Central Michigan University
  13. Minneapolis College of Art and Design
  14. Bucknell University
  15. Houston Community College
  16. University of Texas at Austin
  17. University of Minnesota at St. Paul
  18. Columbia-Green Community College
  19. Taylor University
  20. Saginaw Valley State University
  21. Drexel University
  22. Oklahoma State University
  23. Emerson College
  24. University of New Orleans
  25. Occidental College
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