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24: President Heller rightfully lives while Al-Harazi brutally dies

After arriving via helicopter, 'Jack' weaved his way through a bullet brigade.
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

When last week's episode of '24' ended it appeared as though 'President Heller' (William Devane) was dead. But, 'Jack Bauer' (Kiefer Sutherland) and 'Chloe O'Brian' (Mary Lynn Rajskub) were involved. So, hardcore fans of this revived Fox series had to consider the faint, or strong, possibility that POTUS might somehow be alive. And sure enough, he was.

Everyone's worst fears appeared to be confirmed among the gathered bureaucratic throng in London, as well as inside CTU. However, 'Chloe' once again used her computer skills to help 'Jack' outwit the latest lunatic fringe element. The dynamic efforts of Sutherland's iconic character proved to be the first of three bombshell story points seen between 7-8 pm England time.

With the President secured, 'Jack' instantly shifted his gaze toward the apprehension of 'Al-Harazi'. Michelle Fairley added another memorable villain to '24's' curriculum vitae through her portrayal of a virulent femme fatale who was attempting to avenge her husband's death. Casting kudos goes to '24's' off-screen team one more time.

Viewers were offered two gifts, when 'Chloe' traced 'Al-Harazi’s' location with the help of her duplicitous boyfriend's assistance. This trusting soul isn't aware that 'Adrian Cross' (played marvelously by Michael Wincott) is Dracula in disguise, though he does resemble the old-school 'Dark Shadows' version of 'Barnabas Collins' to a degree. Back from the aside, fans must feel that 'Jack' is sure to administer severe relationship therapy practices within the next few hours.

After arriving via helicopter, 'Jack' weaved his way through a bullet brigade. Then, upon entering 'Al-Harazi's' suite through use of a rope and smashed window, he threw 'Ian Al-Harazi' (Liam Garrigan) out the window to his macadam grave.

Seizing control of a super-serious video game, with 'Margot' sequestered at his side, 'Jack' overrode a predestined drone. Directing that targeted bomb away from Waterloo Station and into an empty waterway, certainly saved thousands of lives.

How satisfying it was when 'Jack' subsequently sent 'Margot' down to permanently rest aside of her son in an adjoining flat, as a bloody picture was framed around their heads. With three episodes yet to be seen, and other portions of what will be a fast-forwarded 24-hour day still to be accounted for, clearly this wasn't meant as the final scene.

'Jack' will continue his pursuit of 'Steve Navarro' (Benjamin Bratt) and obviously encounter 'Cross' along the way by the end of this event series. '24's' hero will almost assuredly survive, which hopefully means one of the great action shows of all-time will extend it's unexpected run.

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