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24 more days until Thanksgiving

20 fingers or toes to give thanks
20 fingers or toes to give thanks
C. Watson

There are only 24 more days until Thanksgiving! Time to take down the Halloween decorations and bring out the turkeys and pilgrims. It never gets old to count your blessings and list the things you are grateful for. Here's a quick craft idea that will tickle the piggies and warm up the hearts.

  1. Chose a few sheets of construction paper in festive Thanksgiving colors and glue them together in a fun pattern.
  2. Have your child step on the outer edges of the paper with their heels close together so you can trace their feet.
  3. Then have your child fan both of their hands together in the middle to form all the turkey feathers.
  4. Cut out a circle in brown and an oval in black or brown for the body to place between the hands.
  5. Fast, easy & ticklish turkey.

Now on each toe/finger write what you are thankful for this year. Remember the Baltimore Blizzard? Do you have a favorite Raven's player to be thankful for? Stretch their imaginations of all the things they should be thrilled about. Don't forget to always include the basics of being thankful for families, friends, homes, food and love.


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