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'24: Live Another Day': President Heller's drone strike staged?

Society's desire for an old-school cowboy merged with Kiefer Sutherland's masterful portrayal of Jack Bauer.
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Was 'President Heller' (William Devane) actually incinerated by 'Al-Harazai's' (Michelle Fairley) savage drone strike, or did 'Chloe O'Brian' (Mary Lynn Rajskub) somehow manage to stage that event through digital manipulation? While next week's '24' teaser appeared to confirm 'Heller's' death, next week's episode (and actually the remainder of this season) will need to be seen in order to know if that 'intel' is true.

Yes, this plot point speculation veers to a land beyond outlandish. But, any form of conjecture is never truly over-the-top regarding this specific show.

'24' gained fame, in part, due to its extraordinary action sequences that went beyond anything network television had ever previously displayed. Of course, the landmark Fox series also aptly addressed current political events with amazing clarity. Society's desire for an old-school cowboy merged with Kiefer Sutherland's masterful portrayal of 'Jack Bauer' and an iconic show emerged.

Dramatic events that have unfolded during this ninth season ensure that ever-addicted fans will stick with 'Jack' as he attempts to save Great Britain from hijacked drones. However, what's not known is if he'll be able to prevent 'Al-Harazai' and her thugs from decimating sections of their great town (London)?

'Jack' was instantly released from his four-year television exile when this 12-episode event series premiered in May. The eighth episode of this ninth season, which was also the two-hundredth episode in the entire series, won it's time slot this week. 'President Heller's' rightful pardon for supposed crimes 'Jack' committed could easily establish a variety of storyline points if Season 10 is ever shot.

If all major players are in agreement, fans could be allowed to engage in future adventures by the time next spring arrives. Surely the world is safer when 'Jack' is seen on Monday night's TV screens, or through a variety of high-tech devices across every digital dimension.

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