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'24: Live Another Day': Jack won't let Margot take London down

One could use the word 'cult' to describe two people who are central to '24: Live Another Day'. 'Margot Al-Harazai' (Michelle Fairley) belongs to a cult that believes worldwide terror is okay. 'Jack Bauer' (Kiefer Sutherland) is a television cult hero to many who see him as a current incarnation of the classic Western cowboy.

The brilliance of the original Fox series '24' was that it captured the sense of the times, where a chilling view of post-9/11 America was presented. 'Bauer', a composite embodiment of the 'good guy', risked his life every single 24-hour day to literally save the world.

The reboot of this iconic series is satisfying hardcore fans and all new viewers who somehow missed a terrific weekly view the first eight times around. Of course, preferred binge viewings aren't yet possible because the original run of the ninth season is still underway.

The compressed 12-episode dilemma creatively places Bauer directly in the path of former love 'Audrey Raines', now 'Boudreau' and her father, 'President Heller'. Connect that personal backstory with 'Al-Harazai's' pressured revenge plot and 'Chloe O'Brian's' connection to self-proclaimed information liberator 'Adrian Cross' and quite an 'Event Series' (the new way to say, 'Miniseries') has been scripted.

Fans know that 'Jack' might not be able to stop all attempts at destruction. Yet, they also believe that he won't allow 'Margot' to take London down. Yes, he'll find a way.

Sutherland's return to the role that made him famous is not only welcomed, but needed. His acting chops, which took a great concept show to an iconic level, are ever-riveting.

The return of one of television's all-time best characters will hopefully extend beyond this spring and early-summer. Ratings have been decent to-date, which could mean that '24's' familiar theme strikes beyond 2014. Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. Fade to black until next week.

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