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'24: Live Another Day': Jack Bauer back on his game

The revival of '24' was shocking and deeply welcomed by hardcore fans last spring. After a long 12-month wait, this superb action show is delivering once again for Fox. But, viewers don't truly know where this event season might lead because the series doesn't have a guaranteed life beyond July.

Kiefer Sutherland's intense style clearly made '24' into a global phenomenon during its initial run from 2001-2010. Defined acting chops, along with his meaningful behind-the-scenes input, created a riveting set of seasonal storylines that made binge viewing a mainstream addiction.

After his four-year hiatus, 'Jack Bauer' has intentionally moved from the shadows to center stage during his familiar Monday night home. Freeing 'Chloe O'Brian' from her government captors was Jack's first mission. 'Bauer' needed his high-tech eyes to help him and this week's hour of power surely underscored that point.

Thankfully 'Adrian Cross' agreed to help 'Chloe' so that she could get 'Jack' the information he needed. Due to slow download times, something every computer user is overly familiar with, 'Jack's' hostage play came to end. However, 'Bauer's' new foil (who became a friend by this episode's end) 'Kate Morgan', portrayed by the very engaging Yvonne Strahovski, secured the flash drive and him before the Marines took full charge.

Meanwhile, 'Margot Al-Harazai's' heinos actions against her own daughter forced her son-in-law to reconsider his drone simulator preparation. That, of course, sets up the coming weeks' tense tales of sudden London strikes.

With the episode-ending teaser showing 'President Heller' and 'Bauer' together, viewers know that these two forced souls will likely join forces to save the world. Fiction that continues to most deftly define this new world. Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock. Fade to black until next week.

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