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24: Kiefer Sutherland must make Jack Bauer live for Season 10

Jack Bauer has always been willing to face another riveting 24 hours.
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

There are plenty of unresolved plot points and enough fan interest to convince Fox and the producers of '24' to create another day. But, will Kiefer Sutherland be part of Season 10 that could be greenlighted in the near future?

It would be hard to imagine this great action show going the 'Bourne' route, even though Matt Damon's absence didn't stop the movie franchise. Actually, the shift to Jeremy Renner's character 'Aaron Cross' in 'The Bourne Legacy' resulted in the fourth installment of that series grossing $276 million worldwide. However, asking the public to support a new movie in sporadic intervals is far different than believing '24' addicts would shift allegiance to Yvonne Strahovski's 'Kate Morgan', or whoever might become the main character moving forward.

The charismatic Strahovski delivered in Season 9. 'Morgan' was an intriguing character, but there's only one 'Jack Bauer'. 'Cheng Zhi' (Tzi Ma) would surely confirm that point if his head were still attached.

'24: Live Another Day' was a gift to devoted viewers who were expecting a series sequel in movie form. They were thrilled to learn that '24' would transform into an event series this spring. Ratings weren't as spectacular as the double-villain storyline warranted, yet Nielsen's numbers revealed that the thriller had plenty of life left to warrant another installment.

'Jack' traded himself to the Russians for 'Chloe O'Brian' (Mary Lynn Rajskub) as the clock stopped. But, how is he dealing with the devastating death of his beloved Kim Raver ('Audrey Raines Boudreau') in whatever gulag he's currently residing in?

'President Heller' (William Devane) stated that he would relinquish power after the London crisis ended. Now that he won that fight, but lost his daughter, will his successor use United States' might to search for 'Jack'?

'Kate' appeared to be resigning her position as the last scenes of Season 9 played out. Will Strahovski's character never be seen again?

After more than 200 episodes, Sutherland and the terrific crew that produced this most recent run can't be ready to say goodbye forever? 'Jack' has always been willing to face another riveting 24 hours. Whether the show's main star agrees to return in full, or in-part, common sense seems to favor at least one more day will be seen at some point on the small, or large screen.

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