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'24': Jack Bauer must stop Cheng Zhi's World War III plans

Tzi Ma is wearing Cheng Zhi's clothes once more.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

'24' was known to contain numerous, memorable jolts within each season's storyline. As episode 10 (8pm-9pm) began, 'Margot Al-Harazi's' (Michelle Fairley) justified death seemed to greatly lesson the terror threat. However, World War III was much closer than 'President Heller' (William Devane) and 'Jack Bauer' (Kiefer Sutherland) could have imagined.

An unexpectedly noble 'Adrian Cross' (Michael Wincott) took a resistant 'Chloe O'Brian' (Mary Lynn Rajskub) and the stolen override device to a reunion with their high-tech pals. Arriving after a slaughter had taken place, 'Adrian' and 'Chloe' were subsequently ambushed. The scared face who fronted a group of assailants was none other than 'Cheng Zhi' (Tzi Ma).

First seen during Season 4, the former Head of Security at the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles eventually captured and tortured 'Jack', along with 'Audrey Raines' (Kim Raver). 'Cheng' eventually received justice and was last known to be heading to a Federal Detention Center as Season 6 played out. Obviously, the lunatic arranged an escape.

'Kate Morgan' (Yvonne Strahovski) was informed during this tense hour that her boss 'Steve Navarro' (Benjamin Bratt) set up her husband as a traitor. 'Jack' engineered a staged extraordinary rendition of 'Navarro' with 'Kate' as the lead interrogator. Their short session produced the needed code for a tracker that was placed on the override device.

Some plots can't be prevented in the real world. The same has been true during each of 24's days on network (Fox) television. And so, 'Cheng's' plan to destroy his own country's vessel through use of Uncle Sam's Navy was carried through to completion.

The final two episodes of '24' will likely resolve numerous plot points, while also leaving some character questions unresolved. Ratings have been decent during this Event Series. So, hopefully Sutherland, his many cast mates and a dynamic off-screen team that revived this iconic series will live beyond a riveting Season 9 performance.

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