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'24': Jack Bauer could live past 2014 on Fox

The worldwide call for Jack to come back was heard.
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Fox stunningly greenlighted a revival of '24' last year after Kiefer Sutherland's show 'Touch' came to a close. The worldwide call for 'Jack' to come back was heard. But, will this definitively modern American hero only live for one more summer, or might this limited event series spark a full-blown reboot of the original binge-worthy television series?

'Jack Bauer' forced his way onto the world stage in November 2001. The arrival of '24', weeks after September 11, was pure coincidence. The creative brilliance projected through its eight-season run became legendary.

Season 9, which arrives four years after the apparent series finale, embraces a shift in geographic location and in needed storytelling format. London scenes provide the setting for 'Bauer's' efforts to protect United States President 'James Heller' (William Devane) from assassination. However, 24 hours of scripted time will play out over 12 broadcast hours during this wild ride, as skips in time will be factored into various supercharged chapters.

While many shows can claim ownership over developed trends, '24' surely is one of the TV shows that benefited from a change in the public's digital digestion. Many fans proudly stated that they devoured hours of the series in individual sittings, as opposed to watching the weekly live feed. Now, with online streaming having emerged as another palatable option, loyal viewers can easily consume their guiltless pleasure through multiple Secret Ops-type devices.

'Chloe O'Brian' (Mary Lynn Rajskub) and 'Audrey Raines' (Kim Raver), like Devane, reprise key roles from the original series. As always, an interwoven sheath of characters will also make their way into, through and around 'Jack's' life until his mission is complete.

By the time the July 14 climax arrives only one question will remain: Will 'Jack' live beyond the summer of 2014? If the Nielsen Ratings' pulse is strong, viewers will surely continue to request the sound of that ticking '24' song.

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