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232 teeth removed from teen: Rare condition produced clumps of teeth on jaw

When you hear that dentists removed 232 teeth, your first instinct is to think that maybe this was the total number of teeth removed from various patients at a dental clinic in a week or so. You probably wouldn't think that 232 came out of one teen's mouth and out of just his lower jaw. That's exactly where the 232 teeth came from, just one teen, according to News Max on July 24.

232 teeth removed from one teen's mouth was due to a rare tumor that created this condition.
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It took six hours of surgery for the doctors at JJ Hospital in India to remove the teeth from the 17-year-old boy, which was caused by a rare condition of a tumor in his lower jaw. The growth caused the boys face to swell up greatly, but doctors said the condition was not life threatening.

Softpedia reports today that doctors in the village could not figure out what was wrong with the boy. It was when his condition worsened that his father decided to take him to Mumbai.

This was such an oddity that the dental department at the hospital submitted the facts of the surgery to the Guinness World Records. They are hoping for consideration as being named the team that extracted the most number of teeth from an individual's mouth.

The boy's father Sureash Gavai told the media that they are from a small village in the Amravati region. When the boy started to complain of pain in his mouth and the doctor's in the village couldn't help him, they sought help in the big city. He took his son to Mumbai with worries that the swelling, which was getting worse, might be cancer.

The hospital's dental department said this condition with a tumor in the mouth usually happens on the upper jaw and produces 25 teeth. The tumor was embedded on the lower jaw and in this teen's case it produced 232 teeth.

A few of the teeth were loose and others were in a clump, said Dr. Sunanda Dhiware, who is the head of the hospital's dental department. Doctors had to resort to using a chisel and hammer to remove the tumor. Once the tumor was cracked open the doctors said "little pearl-like teeth started coming out, one-by-one."

The tedious surgery rendered the doctors actually tired of counting the teeth because there were so many. With many of the teeth in clumps, they were difficult to count. Their final count was 232 teeth. When the dental team completed the more than six-hour procedure, the teen was left with 28 teeth.

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