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22 Unique Aloe Vera uses: From medicine cabinets to a smoothie recipe

Natural healer and health benefactor
Natural healer and health benefactor

When you get sun burnt, the very first thing most people reach for is the Aloe Vera bottle. Very few products can sooth and heal skin like this amazing plant; however do you know what else you can do with Aloe Vera? Get ready to be shocked!

An Aloe Vera plant or a bottle of 100% pure Aloe Vera can come in handy in most rooms in your home. Let’s take a tour to see how Aloe Vera can be used all over your house.

Aloe Vera in the medicine cabinet

  • Helps diminish bruises
  • Tames athlete's Foot
  • Aloe Vera grants you relief from allergic skin reactions, mysterious rashes and blisters
  • Help heal herpes outbreaks (on lips or else ware)
  • Take the sting or itch out of insect bites
  • Reduce tissue damage from frostbite

For a healthy body

  • Drink Aloe Vera juice to relieve unmentionable GI disorders like indigestion, IBS, bloating and even works well as a laxative. It also relieves heartburn, arthritis and rheumatism pain
  • Breathe in steam vapor to alleviate asthma by boiling Aloe Vera leaves
  • If you are diabetic, drink Aloe Vera to lower blood sugar levels
  • Raise your glass and drink to Aloe Vera again! This time it’s to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides for a healthy heart.

Aloe in the bathroom

  • Make your own aloe hair conditioner
  • Promote hair growth by massaging aloe into the scalp, letting it sit for 30 minutes, and rinsing. It will also reduce hair dandruff by mixing Aloe Vera juice with coconut milk and wheat germ oil. Massage into scalp and rinse
  • Shrink warts into oblivion
  • Keep your skin younger and healthy by using Aloe Vera on your face. Rumor has it Cleopatra did! Aloe is fast absorbing and is an all-natural alternative to creams and lotions and also makes a great daily face product to combat and prevent acne
  • Aloe can brighten skin and decrease pigmentation and dark spots
  • Prevent scarring and stretch marks
  • Want to make your skin younger and refreshed? Use this exfoliating, organic sugar scrub by mixing together 2 Tbs. of Aloe Vera, 2 tbsp. of organic brown sugar and 1 tsp. of organic lemon juice
  • Smooth and soft feet are possible with an exfoliating foot mask by mixing together 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 1/2 cup of corn meal, 4 Tbs. of Aloe Vera gel and a 1/2 cup of unscented body lotion

Aloe Vera in the kitchen

  • Make a Strawberry banana Aloe Vera smoothie! (Yes, this is a real recipe!)
  • Aloe Vera salad dressing (Again, this is a real recipe)
  • Aloe Vera desserts (You probably think I’m nuts by now with this recipe)
  • Make a healing ointment to sooth a more intense burn by mixing some Aloe Vera gel and vitamin E oil into a little jar for a homemade burn healer.

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Have you tried any of these Aloe Vera concoctions are remedies? Do you have some that are not listed here? Leave a message in the comments and share with us!

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